Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls

We are the Experts in Brisbane Southside

As Brisbane Southside’s leading installers of eco-friendly concrete sleeper retaining walls, we specialise in constructing robust, plantable walls from recycled materials to enhance and stabilise your landscape. With experience building structural sleeper walls to prevent erosion, our expert team brings your vision to life with sustainable retaining walls unparalleled in quality and craft.

The Natural Beauty and Strength of Concrete Sleepers

Made from recycled railroad ties and construction debris, concrete sleepers give walls an organic, earthy design that blends beautifully into gardens and natural environments. The neutral grey tones and textured finish suit natural stone, pebbles, plants and mulch. Beyond looks, concrete sleepers are hardy landscape materials that allow us to build sturdy retaining walls with fully functional features. 

  • Prevent erosion on steep slopes
  • Level and terrace sloping blocks
  • Control soil pressures behind multi-tiered walls
  • Create privacy barriers and green fences
  • Contour gardens with curves and corners

With sleeper retaining walls designed by landscape professionals, you can convert problematic spaces into outdoor oases.

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Custom Concrete Sleeper Wall Designs

With advanced construction techniques, we create custom sleeper walls like:

Plantable Walls

With gaps between sleepers and crib designs allowing for soil filling and planting decorative grasses or succulents within the wall face.

Tiered Walls

Stacked sleeper terraces stepping down slopes for multi-level gardens.

Landscaping Walls

Freeform sleeper walls meandering through gardens with curves.

Privacy Walls

Straight or zig-zag fence-style sleeper walls to block sight lines.

Planter Walls

Scalloped sleeper arrangements create unique garden beds.

Our team of qualified landscapers with many years of design experience can recommend the optimal concrete sleeper solutions to achieve your landscape goals while minimising environmental impact.

Our Sleeper Wall Specialists

Our holistic approach from initial design to final completion sets our seasoned team apart. With intimate knowledge of South Brisbane soils, erosion patterns, drainage issues, and plant suitability, we create environmentally integrated solutions.

Thorough Site Analysis

Before concept design, we undertake in-depth site evaluations assessing slope degree, soil types, subsurface water flows and existing vegetation. This data informs design suitability and construction plans tailored to the site's unique conditions.

Sustainable Design Focus

We strategically design sleeper retaining wall placement, height, shape, and material finishes to work holistically with the surrounding landscape. Curved walls hug natural garden beds. Multi-tiered walls follow and enhance existing slope contours. Imperfect recycled sleeper textures and tones complement the gardens.

Controlled Construction Methods

Our specialised equipment allows precise soil excavation to optimise wall foundations and backfill composition. Stacked sleepers interlock securely while still enabling planting inside cribs. With waterproof membranes and gravel back drainage, we ensure wall water integrity.

End-to-End Project Control

Our project managers oversee sleeper retaining walls from first concepts through material sourcing and compliant council submissions to final earthworks, construction completion and garden revitalisation, ensuring seamlessly integrated solutions.

Structural Warranty

Confident our specialist approach delivers environmentally unified retaining walls able to withstand conditions long-term, we offer an industry-leading structural warranty covering our premium craft.

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