Sandstone Retaining Walls

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We are Brisbane Southside’s premier sandstone retaining wall installation experts. With many years of experience building stunning sandstone walls, our expert team delivers unparalleled retaining walls to enhance your landscape.

Crafted from natural sandstone, our retaining walls create a striking feature on any property. Sandstone offers an earthy, rustic design perfect for Queensland homes. As sandstone specialists servicing Brisbane’s southern suburbs, we easily handle sandstone wall projects of any size.

Sandstone Retaining Wall Benefits

Sandstone is one of the best materials for retaining walls. Here are some key benefits:

Visual Appeal

With its natural textures and tones, sandstone looks beautiful. The charming rustic vibe of sandstone walls complements any home style, from traditional to modern.

Long Lasting

Sandstone is highly durable and withstands weathering exceptionally well. Properly constructed sandstone walls last for decades with minimal maintenance required.

Environmentally Friendly

Sandstone is inert and non-toxic, making it a sustainable, eco-friendly choice. Using local natural stone reduces your carbon footprint.


Sandstone offers excellent value. Though cost varies based on specific factors, sandstone walls are competitively priced compared to other quality retaining wall materials.

Easy Maintenance

Occasional cleaning is all that is needed to keep your sandstone wall looking new—no special treatments or sealants are required.

With all those benefits, it is no surprise that sandstone is such a popular choice for retaining walls.

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Sandstone Retaining Wall Styles

With sandstone’s versatility, the design options are nearly limitless. We can construct your custom dream wall, or you can select from some of our most popular styles:

Drystone Walls

This classic look has stood the test of time. Drystone walls have an organic freeform appearance, with each unique stone adding charm. The lack of mortar creates a seamless, natural look.

Ashlar Walls

Featuring rectangular cut stones and precise definitive joints, ashlar walls have a neat, tailored appearance. The consistent geometric lines result in a refined, polished look.

Patterned Walls

Using stones of alternating sizes and unique shapes, we can create stunning patterned retaining walls full of visual interest and textures. You can design any patterns like mosaics, diamonds or waves.

Boulder Walls

For a bold, eye-catching option, retaining walls with integrated large boulders make an impressive statement. Mixing boulders into walls adds drama and uniqueness.

We can incorporate functional and decorative features like benches, steps, lighting, or water elements into your custom sandstone wall design. Our expert team brings your vision to reality.

Why Choose Us for Your Sandstone Retaining Wall Brisbane Southside

With advanced masonry skills and decades of cumulative sandstone retaining wall experience, our team offers unbeatable craftsmanship and results.

Here’s why you should choose our Brisbane Southside company for your project:


With sandstone as our specialty, we possess extensive technical knowledge and have mastered the optimal sandstone construction methods. We work exclusively with premier-grade sandstone from local ethical suppliers.

Advanced Build Quality

From foundation preparation to finishing touches, we follow every project's best practices and high standards. Our walls stand the test of time thanks to our meticulous build quality and attention to detail.

Design Expertise

We can expertly translate your vision into a practical, structurally sound wall design. With our design experience plus expert geological and structural engineering partners, we create stunning walls with long-term structural integrity.

Great Service

From your first query phone call to project completion, we provide an excellent client experience through open communication, transparency, and reliability. Our valued customers' satisfaction is our top priority.

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